Full Service Moving Companies

Full Service Moving Companies

Moving is regarded as one of the most challenging and demanding activities that people or organizations handle. This is because of the handling of many complicated tasks such as assembly and disassembly of goods, packing, transporting of this goods and even carrying of these particular goods over distances. It is for these reasons that full service moving companies are so popular nowadays. These companies that offer these services are referred to as Full service Movers and have become partners for people relocating all over the world. But what services do these full service movers offer that make them so vital all over the world?

· Disassembly of heavy items.

This is one of the key services given by these companies. Goods present in residential or commercial places are bound to be large in nature and therefore need to be disassembled before moving them. Due to the complicated nature of these goods that need disassembly, specialists are required to ensure the goods are not damaged. For electrical appliances, electricians are required during the disassembly to prevent harm to both the appliance and the electrician. Also, furniture requires carpenters to ensure the disassembly is fast. Well established full service movers therefor ensure they have all kinds of specialists within their staff to save you the hustle of individually looking for these specialists. They therefore disassemble your goods professionally.

· Packing services.

After disassembly, the company packs your goods for you. This ensure that the goods are kept in perfect shape and in portable boxes. Fragile goods are also handled with care and placed in well protected boxes. The boxes are also labelled to ensure there is minimal mistakes, mix-up and confusion while packing. The company therefore takes all your stuff and correctly put them in cozy and safe boxes to ensure their safety and good state.

· Loading and offloading.

Once the goods have been properly packed in the boxes, they require to be properly placed in the transportation truck. For several factors including safety of the goods, nature of the goods and quantity of goods, loading them onto a truck requires a high level of professionalism. For instance, packing of kitchenware and cutlery in the same place is highly unethical. Further, while loading, you cannot place a heavy object over a light one as the light one will be damaged. In addition to all this, while loading the customer’s preference must be considered as more valuable commodities need to be treated with a high level of care while leading and offloading.

· Transportation.

This is indeed one of the most challenging areas of shifting, and apparently, the most expensive. Full service movers ensure they provide the transportation service required. They, therefore, move the goods using means available from one point to another. The company has several trucks for transportation depending on distance and quantity of goods. The company employs drives who drive the vehicles from the source to the destination. They also ensure the trucks are up-to-date, spacious and serviced to ensure little or no mechanical failures. For rather longer distances or heavier goods, the company offers shipping or air transportation as well. Due to the high expenses involved in air transport, the company liaises with an airline to get transportation subsidies for its clients. They also handle the bureaucracy and dynamics involved in interstate and inter-country transportation to ensure the goods are delivered on time and in a good state.

Due to the nature of the services they offer, full service movers strike deals with different associated and affiliated companies to make transportation easier for their clients.

· Manual labor (carrying).

Of course there is the manual aspect of moving. There are those transportation's that machinery cannot handle. That is where handy men come in. They are employees of the company who carry goods over distances that vehicles cannot carry or within the confines of the source or destination residence. After goods are disassembles and require packing, the handy men pack them in their boxes and seal them appropriately. They then move the goods to the transportation medium (vehicle). After this, there services are then required again during offloading from the vehicle and carrying them to the destination.

· Unpacking services.

When the goods reach their destination, they are offloaded and therefore require unpacking. The goods are unpacked systematically according to safety precautions and customer specifications. It is very prudent to ensure these goods are not unpacked unreasonably and thereby cause accidents. For instance, fragile goods are preferably unpacked last to avoid the heavy movement that would otherwise damage them. Also, parts of disassembled products should be assembled at the same time to avoid loss of certain parts that are rather valuable to the user.

· Reassembly of disassembled items.

Once the disassembled parts have reached their destination, reassembly is required to ensure maximum efficiency. At this juncture, the specialists are required again. If the destination is extremely far from the original full service movers company, the company can liaise with other firms to acquire specialists from them. These specialists therefore ensure that all the goods that were disassembled at the source are properly assembled again. This will prevent any electrical or physical problems for the customer.

· Compensation.

Full service movers offer full compensation for any negligence on their part. If the staff of the full service movers company causes damage to a customer’s goods in any way, they offer full compensation to their clients. This will ensure the customer fully trusts the company with how they will do their goods handling. This acts as a good insurance policy for the customer.

This are perfect reasons to give you a peace of mind while moving. Moving from one place to another can be very challenging financially and even psychologically. From the complications of changing your environment, to the expenses of renting or purchasing a new place, shifting can take a toll on any normal human being. Let the dynamics of moving and transportation not trouble you though, because you always have a partner in full service movers.