International Moving Companies

International Moving Companies

Planning a successful overseas move of all your items is always a nightmare if not properly thought out. Hiring international movers has more benefits than choosing local movers.

People need to move from one country to another for a myriad of reasons, including official transfers, change of jobs, family reasons or even making a fresh start in life. Although they are often faced with a number of concerns, including the culture shock, figuring out the roads and learning new languages, the challenges start even before you have left the country.

When planning your international move, it is important that you choose a reliable moving service that will not only manage your move effectively, but will also guide you every step of the way – getting the right paperwork, and giving your professional advice to avoid problems once you arrive in your new country.

International Moving Made Simple

Considering the high level of preparation needed for an international move, it is important to start planning a few months before the moving date. This will give you ample time to get all the necessary documents and preparations ready. Once your paperwork is in place, and you have had your things picked up, you will most likely notice that the transit time will vary depending on the time of the year and your final destination.

There are several contact points with your belongings during the international moving process:

  • Your relocation will begin with the origin moving company, which will pack and load your belongings and transport them to the port.
  • A freight forwarding company will then manage the preparation of the required shipping containers, which will be shipped by sea to the port near your final destination.
  • Once your items have arrived at the port of call, a different mover will collect your goods and clear the customs with the new country’s Customs authorities.
  • Finally, a local moving company in your new country will transport your belongings to your final destination and also provide unloading and unpacking services, if need be.

Overseas Moving

Reliable Shipping

It is important to ensure that your shipping providers are properly coordinated during the entire relocation process. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have a single point of contact with your chosen international moving company.

Your international movers should be an experienced and reputable company that has established a great relationship with other service providers, and should also offer full tracking services of your belongings from start to finish. Or else, it will be difficult to get accurate details about your items and unexpected delays can occur, causing you a lot of anxiety and stress. On the other hand, choosing the right international movers will help make your transition to a new country smooth and stress-free.

International Services

All-Inclusive International Moving Services

Whatever your needs, you can rely on reputable and experienced international movers to get your items quickly and safely to wherever you want to go. All of your moving requirements are covered with highly qualified and experienced international relocation specialists who have handled every kind of international move before. Moreover, you can expect to receive reliable support and service from a large global network of moving specialists.

These services also include first-rate door-to-door service and expert packing and crating. When you decide to work with an experienced team of moving professionals, you benefit from a special combination of global capabilities and extensive local knowledge.

Packing and Unpacking

Once you have negotiated and cut down the number of items to move and signed the necessary contact with your chosen international moving company, you’ll have them packing your belongings at the most convenient time for you. The best part about hiring international movers to do the packing and unpacking is that they are highly skilled and experienced to do the job. Therefore, you can expect them to take less time doing the job than if you were to pack your belongings yourself. Moreover, they will most likely also do a better job, ensuring that delicate items are packed safely and that all other items are safe.

Moving Protection Insurance

Moving overseas is a complicated process with multiple moving parts. The best movers will provide the most efficient and complete protection of your valuables. When shipping your belongings around the world, make sure that they are protected with a customized moving protection insurance plan to guarantee they are safe and secure throughout the long journey. Only a reputable company can provide the right coverage for you.

Tracking and Delivery

Professional international movers also have a team of certified moving consultants to help you make the best decisions depending on your schedule, budget and needs. Your team of international movers will work with you to prepare the bill of lading when the cargo is on-board the ship. The bill of lading serves as a proof the items have departed and an original release bill of lading will also be provided at the final destination.

You will be able to start tracking your items immediately after departure so you can determine whether they are following the original schedule. This will give you peace of mind knowing where your valuable items are, throughout the international moving process.

On arrival at the port of call, your items will undergo the necessary Customs Clearance. This process will become a breeze if you have the proper documents, as advised by your international moving company. You can expect them to deliver your items soon after arrival so you can start unloading and unpacking. If you agreed that they will also help with the unloading and unpacking, then you can sit back and relax whilst waiting for them to complete their job. All in all, you will have peace of mind during the entire relocation process if you choose a professional and experienced international moving company.


With an international move, you should entrust the relocation process to the experts. No matter the situation - whether you are dealing with a job transfer, you are looking to make a fresh start, or you want to close the distance on that relationship - you have to plan an international move. International movers have a global network of moving specialists who will help make your move easier and stress-free.