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Moving a piano from one place to another is no trivial task. It requires professional handling during the moving process to ensure safety. No matter the size or weight of piano you want shipped or transported, you need to hire a professional piano mover that’s highly trained for the job. This is because your piano needs to be properly prepared, packed and trasported carefully to avoid damage. That is only possible if you hire a reputable company that guarantees customer satisfaction. And if your aim is to get exclusive piano handling services during transportation, you should find a white glove piano moving company near you. But before hiring anyone, there are a number of aspects that you might want to consider. Below are some of the most important things to look at before hiring a piano moving company.

Licensed and Insured Piano Moving Companies

Any professional piano and organ moving should be fully certified, licensed and insured to guarantee safe delivery and compensation in the event your property is damaged, scratched or stolen. Before presenting your precious cargo for transportation, be sure the company you want to work with if fully licensed by the state or federal government. A certified moving company with a solid reputation guarantees safe interstate and regional transportation and storage services at fair prices. Your piano will be instantly replaced in case of damage or misplacement and then swiftly delivered or shipped to the desired destination. Moreover, a licensed piano mover will have the right piano handling equipment with proper hydraulic tailgate trucks or vans which will ensure your precious property is moved in a safe and efficient manner.

Local Piano Moving

Experience in Piano Moving

Piano moving companies that have been in the business for long time can guarantee safety and security of pianos during the moving process. Whether it’s loading or unloading pianos or organs into a van or truck, the process is done with great care to ensure the item is protected. Piano movers who are fully licensed and bonded can precisely pick or deliver pianos to or from your desired destination. When moving a piano from one room to another to refinish your floor or replace your carpet, choosing the most trusted piano movers is no option. Moving a baby grand or upright piano up or down stairs can be a daunting task considering the weight and shape of these items. For many people, a piano is the third most valuable possession after their home and vehicle. And as such, one requires a company that can treat the piece of equipment with utmost care and concern. If you’re one these people, then you need to find a white glove company with vast experience in the industry. Search for online based piano companies near you, get the desired contacts and inquire more about their services. If you want the item urgently transported, then experience and reputation should be your top priority.

Piano Moving Quotes

Be aware that quotations and price estimates vary wildly among movers. Whether you’re moving a spinet from one state to another or a concert grand across town, reliability and affordability should be your greatest concern. If you want to save money, be sure to hire a piano mover who offers discounts based on the number of items to be moved or for piano transportation within town. While there might be plenty of movers in town, offering the same kind of services, the price quotes each of them offers can vary greatly. The majority of piano movers charge customers based on the type of piano that needs to be moved to a desired destination. Other aspects that count when deciding on piano moving rates include:

  • The distance between the pickup location and place of delivery
  • The weight and type of piano
  • The location the customer wants the piano delivered

Be sure the company you are hiring offers affordable valuation with no preconceived limits and/or deductibles. That ensures that you get the best value for the services you’ve paid for and that you don’t lose money in case of an accident or damage.

Tracking For Long Distance Piano Moves

If you’re transporting your precious spinet or concert piano over a long distance, you might need to have the company track its movement to ensure it reaches the destination in time. Be sure to ask whether or not the company you want to work with provides real time updates on the movement of your property. The company should have a carefully planned and meticulously thought out platform to ensure reliability and customer convenience. For instance, if the company truck breaks down on the way, it should be able to send another vehicle to move the piano from scene and deliver it to the recipient just in time for use. A company with two-way and satellite tracking can always have information on where your instrument is at any given time so as to guarantee safe and efficient delivery is made.


Hiring professional piano movers is the best thing to do when you want to transport your precious piano or move it within your home. And if you consider your piano a sensitive piece of equipment, then white glove piano moving companies can just be the ideal choice for you. Pianos, even the smallest ones, can be heavy and unwieldy and so only professional movers can handle the job better. And before you call for the piano moving services, be sure to check whether the company in question is licensed, has enough experience in providing services and that it offers affordable price quotes. Safety matters to you most and so is your money. This means you have to choose a company with solid reputation in the business so that you get better value for your money.